Change the Footer in Your WordPress Admin Panel

The default footer that appears on the WordPress dashboard only declares that your site is built using WordPress and shows its version numbers. It’s possible to change the footer to allow you to acknowledge yourself as the creator of the theme, or promote an upgrade version of a plugin or even provide help links for your customers.

In this post we will demonstrate how to modify the footer on WordPress’s admin panel. WordPress administrator panel.

Why should you change the Admin Panel Footer?

The default footer on your WordPress admin area of your website is simple and doesn’t have any value for the majority of users.

It includes an address to the WordPress home page , and it displays your version WordPress you’re using. If an update is available the footer link will be updated to allow you to install it and upgrade your website.

That’s it, though. You can alter the design to add links to your site and provide helpful websites for users or even eliminate it completely since it isn’t used frequently enough.

With this thought in place, lets dive deep and find out how we can alter to change the WordPress admin footer in two different ways.

  • Method 1. Modifying the Footer within the WordPress Admin using WPCode
  • Method 2. Change the footer’s content within The WordPress Administration Manually

Change the footer’s appearance within the WordPress Admin WPCode

To change the footer in the admin dashboard, we’re going to insert a code snippet into our theme’s functions.php file.

In general, we suggest pasting code snippets into your WordPress core files for experienced users as even a small error could cause your site to fail. In addition, if you upgrade the theme you have installed, all modifications in the functions.php files will automatically be deleted.

We’re making use of WPCode, a Free WPCode plugin that allows anyone to include code snippets within WordPress files.

In the beginning, you’ll need for you to activate and download WPCode. For more detailed instructions, refer to our step-by step guide on how to install an WordPress plugin.

After that Once you’re done, visit Code Snippets and Add Snippet to the left-hand menu of the admin dashboard.

Search for the word ‘footer’ and then hover with your cursor over an area called ‘Change Admin Panel Footer Text.’

Then, all you have to do is hit the “Use Snippet” button.

Then, you’ll be brought into the screen to edit your snippet. WPCode automatically adjusts the settings for the snippets you upload to the library.

You will then need to modify the footer text at Line 5 into what you’d like the new text to read. You’ll need to utilize HTML when you are planning to add links , or any other content other than simple text.

If you’ve modified the text on the footer to suit your preferences, simply flip the switch to activate and then click the update button.

The new admin panel footer is now appear on your website. It’ll differ according to the changes you have made and preferences, however the default WPCode code is as follows:

If you’re impressed with the way this code snippet functions it is possible to examine the WPCode Snippet library located on Code Snippets > Libraries to look through the entire library that is included in the plugin.

The library built into WPCode comes with a plethora of pre-configured fragments. You could replace them with the plugins that are only used on your website. For instance, WPCode can disable the WordPress REST API, WP Admin Bar or the media attachments pages.

Method 2. Modifying the Footer in WordPress Admin Manually

Another method of changing the footer on your WordPress admin is to add the code into the website’s functions.php file. We suggest this method only for advanced users since even a minor mistake could ruin your site.


In the beginning, you’ll need to connect your site via FTP or via Your WordPress hosting provider’s file manager. Then, head to your site’s /wp-content/themes/your_theme/ directory.

Then you just need to edit the file. You can open it in a plain-text editor like Notepad, or you can use the built-in editor if your host provides one.

Just copy this and then paste it into your functions.php file.












Function ( $footer_text ) {function ( $footer_text)

/ Edit the text below to change the text in the footer.

$footer_text = ‘Powered By WordPress WordPress Tutorials WPBeginner’


Return "$footer_text" ;



Make sure you change the HTML at the beginning with the $footer_text in the code sample to whatever you would like as the new footer for your admin.

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